Tel:(561) 368-8686 / (305) 720-1567

7300 West Camino Real, Suite 204 Boca Raton, Fl 33433


Andrew Smith


Gisela Peraita (Bilingual)

Counselor Relations:

Alec Smith

Office Manager:

Mary Proksell

Administrative Support Specialists:

Daniela Barreto (Bilingual)
Elizabeth Garcia (Bilingual)
Jenny Garcia (Bilingual)


Arlene Lopez, Psy.D.Postdoc (Bilingual)
Blake A. McGrane, Psy.D.
Brian Becraft, Psy.D.
Fabiola Audibert, Psy.D. Postdoc (Bilingual)
Frances Sanchez-Duverge, Psy.D
Kathryn Maslowe, Psy.D
Lana Grodzitsky, Psy.D.
Noida Carazo, Psy.D. (Bilingual)
Norma Kowalski, Psy.D. (Bilingual)
Stephanie Renfrow, PhD.

Director of Vocational Evaluation Program:

Ingrid Morales, M.Ed., CRC

Director of Training and Development of
Vocational Evaluation Program:

Jonathan Baker, MS, PVE, IPEC

Vocational Evaluators:

Ana Upegui (Bilingual)
Anina Dall
Ingrid Morales (Bilingual)
Jessica Soto
Jonathan Baker
Laura Hoyos (Bilingual)
Lucy Toledo (Bilingual)
Sara Hoyos (Bilingual)
Yohana Resto (Bilingual)